Hi there, I'm Mathias Wendlinger

and I'm a unicorn🦄 Design Manager

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years managing
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My Story

Born in south of France, I’ve grown up in Africa and Asia. This multi-cultural environment has filled my creativity and passion for simple and intuitive designs. With more than a decade of experience, I'm an expert at crafting beautiful experiences that delight users. My strengths encompass defining product vision, understanding the business goals and building design teams that thrive.


September 2022 - Now
Microsoft - Principal Design Manager
FEBRUARY 2008 - September 2022
Microsoft - Senior Design Manager
MARCH 2007 - FEBRUARY 2008
Musiwave - User Experience Designer
JUNE 2006 - MARCH 2007
TF1 - 3D Motion Designer


User experience design
Design system
TEAM Management
Design sprint

What my coworkers Say

Antonin Djilali-Saiah
Senior Software Engineering at Microsoft
“From a solo contributor position to lead then manager positions, Mathias demonstrated how much he is gifted to build up exemplary and proficient team collaboration to deliver high quality projects”
Audrey coudrin
Product designer freelance
“Mathias literally blew my mind as he was able to lead a design team across Paris and Redmond [...] He is the manager I've been waiting for ages, the perfect combination between talented, fair and supportive.”
Amy Wang
Product designer at nexthink
“I was impressed with how he successfully implemented a process to easily onboard new designers, and manage cross-collaboration with the design team in Redmond as well as with the Paris team during this precarious situation with Covid.”
Carl bouville
Product designer at getaround
“Mathias is able to handle and follow several topics at a time with great business impact while continuing to coach a team. I strongly recommend Mathias for his human and professional skills.”
josh Rennert
Product manager at Google
“I'm very impressed by how Mathias has managed to build out a very successful, talented, and capable design team in Paris. Working with Mathias has been incredibly easy and a pleasure, and I hope he's able to continue growing such a quality team."
Lauriane ordon
Product designer at mercateam
“I admire Mathias for his ambition, his expertise, and his ability to manage several projects with a steady hand. I strongly recommend Mathias for his qualities that make him a great manager for any design team."
Melissa lim
Principal Product Manager at Farfetch
“Mathias is passionate about building good experiences for our customers and building a strong design team. Mathias is extremely effective as a design lead and is an absolute joy to work with! He listens to everyone's opinions and makes people feel valued for their contributions."